My Reality Check Bounced! is just what you’ve been looking for if…

  • You feel stuck in your job or career—or on your mom’s couch—and you’re ready for something better!
  • Your eight roommates are driving you crazy but you can’t afford to lose them.
  • You’ve done everything you were told in school to do to be successful, but the real-world results are less than satisfying.

If one or more of the above scenarios describes you, then you’ll instantly relate to, laugh with, and learn from the stories in My Reality Check Bounced! These stories about Twentysomethings trying to find their way in the world reinforce a step-by-step process that has helped thousands of young adults go from frustrated to fearless. The practical actions and simple challenges in My Reality Check Bounced! will help you prove to yourself the power you have over your life and your future. As you read each chapter, you’ll find yourself letting go of excuses, facing your fears, climbing out of your rut, and building the courage to live life on your terms now.

To get off your “but…” and on your way towards enjoying the life you want, buy My Reality Check Bounced! and read how:

Tiffany, a hard-working Twentysomething landed her dream job after graduation. Six months later she hated going to work. She grew depressed and more frustrated with each passing day. Read how—in less than one year—she went from feeling trapped in her job and feeling helpless to living near the beach and enjoying a new career she loves. All it took was one decision.

Josh, a Twentysomething with high expectations, unexpectedly winds up living back home with his mom. Unsure what he should do with his life, Josh leaves the safety of home (again) and starts over with no furniture or friends in a new city. What he discovered moving to this new city changed his life forever. Read what he found in Chapter 2.

Stephen played a prominent role in losing more than $80,000,000 of other people’s money before he was 30. He felt so defeated he was sure “even God hated him.” Four years later, he leads one of the fastest growing companies in his industry. How did he find the courage to face his fears? How can you do the same? It’s all in Chapter 9.

Sara, determined to succeed in record time, became one of the fastest rising young professionals in her Fortune 500 company. She worked long hours every week to prove her worth. By age 25, she had lost sight of everything in her life but her job. One song heard over the phone late on a Friday night at the office got her priorities back in order. Find out which song in Chapter 10. 

These four Twentysomethings, and the dozen+ more featured throughout the book, share their real-world experiences so you can learn from their struggles and breakthroughs. Each of them found themselves in a position of vulnerability in their twenties, but each turned their moment of weakness and frustration into strength and inspiration. You can, too, if you read My Reality Check Bounced! and follow the step-by-step instructions Jason shares in each of the twelve chapters.

Buy My Reality Check Bounced! now and start living life on your terms.

Here’s what readers are saying about My Reality Check Bounced!

"What do you do when your plans don't pan out? Stop overplanning, be willing to respond quickly to the opportunities that emerge, and get a copy of My Reality Check Bounced. Jason Dorsey's heart shines through, as well as his dedication to helping his generation make the best of what they've got."

- Po Bronson, author, # 1 NY Times bestseller What Should I Do With My Life?
“My Reality Check Bounced! reveals exactly how to break free of your real-world rut to find your authentic, meaningful path. Jason not only shares this powerful message of self-discovery and determination, he lives it. This book should be required reading for all Twentysomethings.

- Jack Canfield, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, author, The Success Principles         

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