Jason Dorsey’s presentation was informative, engaging and relevant. Our team left motivated to better connect with their “Gen Y” employees. I personally learned a lot and am proof that he can teach an old Boomer new tricks!”

Greg Creed, President and Chief Concept Officer
Taco Bell Corp.

* Jason’s keynote speech at Taco Bell’s National Franchisee Conference received a standing ovation from the 1,000 attendees!

Jason makes every generation in your workplace more valuable. It’s why he earns standing ovations from audiences around the world. 

Your audience will leave Jason’s program able to:

  • View generational knowledge as a leadership tool
  • Leverage generational differences to improve communication, solve problems, and create stronger teams
  • Take immediate action based on his ready-to-use strategies

For the first time in world history, four distinctly different generations are working side by side. Each of these four generations (Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y) is guided by a different set of values, beliefs, and expectations. In Crossing the Generational Divide, bestselling author Jason Ryan Dorsey entertainingly reveals each generation’s preferences and priorities to highlight what they bring to the workforce—and how to build on their common ground.

Jason then shares his frontline-tested process which participants can immediately rely on to lead a culture of cross-generation communication, innovation, engagement, teamwork, and performance. Filled with surprising statistics, step-by-step strategies, and laugh-out-loud stories, participants leave this presentation prepared to make their multigenerational workplace a competitive advantage.

Crossing the Generational Divide Presentation Outcomes:

  • Recognize and understand the divergent values, preferences, and priorities of all four generations in the workforce.
  • Learn a step-by-step process for leading all four generations while respecting employees as individuals.
  • Impact your organization with actions and strategies that other leaders have successfully relied on to bridge the generations in their workplace.

Customization and Reinforcement: Jason’s presentation includes a confidential workplace data review, customized multi-page handout, and specific strategies designed for immediate implementation in your organization.

“MHCA members and guests thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your presentation to our 2008 Winter Conference. Your topic, “Crossing the Generational Divide,” resounded with this audience. You might enjoy some of the specific evaluation responses:
  • Love the handout – so refreshing to have a different format than the typical PowerPoint.
  • Good, specific examples and research-based information
  • (Jason) gave me insight as to why I get the ‘deer in the headlight’ look from our younger staff when I think I’m being motivational.
  • Very relevant to challenges we have in motivating staff of all ages…
Again, you were very, very well received by our MHCA members who represent many of the largest behavioral health companies and organizations in the US.”

- Donald J. Hevey, President and CEO, Mental Health Corporation of America
“Jason connects with his audience from the opening minute. He is so entertaining and informative—our group did not want his presentation to end. His insight on the importance of an employee’s first day at work is truly powerful. What a difference we could make if we followed his tips in just this one area!”

Barry Sims, President and CEO
Taco John's International
I thought Jason’s speech was insightful and motivating. I believe that if employers do not adopt his philosophies, they will inevitably lose out on the talent pool that exists today—because other employers will adopt them."

- Pat Mathews, CEO, Webmail.us
“Jason spoke at the TESS 40th Anniversary Exposition in Norway and made a lasting impression on our firm. Jason’s energetic way of speaking and his message about Gen Y struck home. We gained invaluable insight into how the generations work which has given us a good foundation to carry on with our efforts in bringing the generations closer together. Jason is a true expert in his field and we give him our strongest recommendations.

- Tomas Elton Haug, Head of TESS Academy, TESS as, Norway

Generation Y is the fastest growing demographic in the United States workforce. Along with a new definition of “business casual,” Gen Y adheres to a different set of workplace beliefs and priorities than other generations already employed. We also bring tremendous potential and big expectations (just ask, we’ll tell you). Gen Y’s attitude toward work can make us a growing challenge or a strategic opportunity depending entirely on how business leaders respond.

In Y-Size Your Business, Jason cuts through the stereotypes to teach participants Gen Y’s workplace mindset. He then reveals a step-by-step process and specific actions that employers can immediately adopt to unlock the talent, loyalty, creativity, and performance of this emerging workforce.

As a member of Gen Y, Jason is uniquely qualified to discuss his generation’s workplace mindset. He balances an insider’s view of Gen Y (he texts his mom every day) with the workplace realities facing executives and managers in an increasingly competitive global market. He also tailors his presentation to focus on the aspects of the Gen Y employment life cycle most important to your organization:

  • Attracting and Hiring Gen Y
  • Onboarding and Engaging Gen Y
  • Motivating and Leading Gen Y
  • Developing and Professionalizing Gen Y
  • Retaining Gen Y

Y-Size Your Business Presentation Outcomes:

  1. Learn Generation Y’s workplace beliefs, preferences, and priorities—all from the perspective of an insider. (Jason even explains why Gen Y doesn't use vowels in text messages.)
  2. Engage Gen Y employees from our first day at work. This is critical because Gen Y decides on our first day if we will stay with an employer long term.
  3. Impact your organization with creative, ready-to-use actions that attract, motivate, and retain Gen Y employees while saving you money.

Customization and Reinforcement: Jason’s presentation includes a confidential workplace data review, customized multi-page handout, and specific strategies designed for immediate implementation in your organization.

Jason did a phenomenal job in his presentation of not only breaking down the different generations, but more importantly, giving us actual ideas of how we can implement this information in our day-to-day operations to increase retention of all of our employees. His interactive presentation was extremely well received by our management team. It was very beneficial for our managers to hear what it is that motivates Generation Y and what they can personally do to connect with these employees… I would highly recommend Jason Dorsey as a ‘Generational’ expert speaker.

- Jeanie Landolt, Training Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Baltimore
"Your presentation, coupled with your handout, helped me gain a much greater understanding of the "Y" generation. You masterfully had the audience slip into the shoes (sneakers or sandals if you prefer) of Gen ‘Y’ and take a glimpse of life from their perspective, which is their reality. Wonderfully good job and thanks for the experience. It was a great way to end the day."

- Mike Ziegenfelder, Onshore Operations Recruiting Lead, Shell Exploration and Production Company
Jason’s presentation and the information he provided were exactly what our state’s business leaders needed and wanted to hear. At a time when North Dakota is struggling with many workforce issues, Jason provided positive and practical ideas for attracting and retaining Gen Y talent. His ability to keep the audience engaged while providing pertinent, timely information is a winning combination.”

- Dave MacIver, President, North Dakota Chamber of Commerce
“I’ve read countless articles and attended many presentations regarding Generation Y. Jason’s presentation was by far the most comprehensive and had the most impact on not only my understanding this group, but also bridging the gap between all generations. His delivery is both professional and entertaining with the ability to reach everyone in the room no matter the diversity of the group—Business, University, etc. The most beneficial aspect of Jason’s message is the ability to take it back to our business and make an immediate impact on what we do every day. Thank you Jason for your energy and compassion for helping us bring ‘ALL GENERATIONS’ together.”

- Wayne D. Terry, Recruiting Manager, College Relations, H-E-B (56,000 employees)

Watch Jasonís keynote on bridging the generations at work. He received a standing ovation!

Jason with David Gordon, SVP of Operations, The Cheesecake Factory, after keynoting their national management conference. Jason received a standing ovation!

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Jason cuts through the hype to give you the candid insight you need to make informed decisions.

Jason with HR and training leaders from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise is the largest hirer of new college grads in the US. Jason presented his Loyalty@ Any Age program for their branch managers!

Jason speaks at Intuit National Headquarters! Here he is with Terilyn Monroe, Director of Human Resources. Now he knows who to go to for help with Quickbooks...

Jason with Don Hevey and Erv Brinker after keynoting the Mental Health Corporations of America National Conference. Over 150 CEOs attended Jason’s 2.5-hour presentation on Crossing the Generational Divide!

Jason with business leaders in Juneau, Alaska. His customized keynote on bridging the generations received a standing ovation from the 550 attendees.

Jason with Laurel Smoke after delivering his Gen Y @ Work keynote at the Salon Today National Conference. Jason taught salon owners creative (and free!) ways to retain and motivate their Gen Y employees.

Jason keynoting the TESS 40th Anniversary Exposition in Oslo, Norway! Jason’s Norwegian is not good, but the audience enjoyed his stories, humor, and high energy.

Jason with Rahul Barua after speaking at the Numaligarh Oil Refinery in Numaligarh, India. Jason spoke to engineers on how to get promoted and to company officers on how to create a culture of loyalty.

Jason tries to ride a camel in front of the pyramids! Jason was in Egypt to teach social entrepreneurship to young professionals from around the world at the Global Youth Employment Summit in Alexandria, Egypt.
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