Jason Ryan Dorsey is an acclaimed speaker, bestselling author, and award-winning entrepreneur.

Known as The Gen Y Guy™, Jason has been featured as a generational expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View, and in Fortune Magazine, along with dozens of other media outlets.

Jason’s high-energy keynotes and in-depth seminars have impacted over 1,800 diverse audiences across the United States and as far away as Egypt, Finland, Spain, and India. The 110 events that Jason keynotes each year range from exclusive executive summits and high-profile education conferences to industry sponsored meetings. In recognition of his business achievements, Jason won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at age 25—one of the youngest winners ever.

Jason’s nontraditional path began at age 16.

Growing up in a rural community, Jason saw few opportunities and abundant obstacles. It didn’t help that he began high school at 4’10!” Jason responded to feeling ostracized and picked on by hanging out with the local “troublemakers.” At a critical moment, a teacher challenged Jason to do something positive with his quick wit and street smarts. Inspired by this teacher’s belief in his abilities, Jason left high school to start college early.

Going to college early and out-of-state changed Jason’s perspective about what was possible. He spent a summer studying medicine in Florida, another summer working on an archeological dig in Israel, and then a year attending college full-time in upstate New York. It was during his studies in New York that Jason discovered he had a talent for tutoring students who were struggling academically and from difficult backgrounds.

After a year in New York, Jason transferred to the University of Texas Business Honors Program. By age 18, Jason was a junior in college with an extensive network, respected mentors, and tremendous job opportunities. He also saw that many of his peers were having difficulty making the transition from education to career. Determined to help, Jason authored and then self-published Graduate to Your Perfect Job in his college dorm room.

Jason keynoted his first national conference for 5,000 education and business leaders at age 20. The other keynote speaker was First Lady Barbara Bush!

Jason celebrated his 19th birthday $50,000 in debt and sleeping on the beige carpet of a tiny garage apartment. He never felt more alive or vulnerable.

Word of Jason’s book and message eventually reached the media. Soon business and education leaders were asking him to keynote their conferences. Graduate to Your Perfect Job—which included a diagram of how to tie a tie—went on to become a national bestseller and required reading in over 1,650 schools, colleges, and workforce programs. It is estimated over 100,000 members of Generation Y have used Graduate to Your Perfect Job as a resource to enter the workforce.

Jason initially focused his speaking to Gen Y and their educators, because it was an educator that changed his life. The result was Jason speaking on-site at 700 schools and colleges to Gen Y audiences as large as 13,000! Visiting so many schools inspired Jason to write his acclaimed school improvement book, 50 Ways to Improve Schools for Under $50 Jason’s bestselling books have now sold more than 250,000 copies.

Five years ago, Jason was contacted by business leaders who were struggling to attract, motivate, and retain their Gen Y employees. These business leaders wanted Jason’s help, because he had spoken to hundreds of thousands of Gen Yers about workforce issues—and he is a member of Gen Y. Jason’s background gave him a unique perspective to solving this workforce problem, which he reveals from the Gen Y perspective in his 2007 book, My Reality Check Bounced! In writing My Reality Check Bounced!, Jason became convinced that bridging the generations in the workforce was not about catering to Gen Y, but finding common ground and understanding between all four generations.

To understand the realities of leading a multigenerational workforce, Jason interviewed executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and employees representing each generation in a variety of industries. His goal was to learn their beliefs, preferences, and priorities as well as specific strategies they had used to successfully bridge the generations in their workplace. Jason combined this collected knowledge with additional research. The result is his step-by-step framework and frontline-tested strategies that increase employee loyalty, teamwork, and discretionary effort across all four generations. Jason plans to release a new book detailing this approach in Fall 2009.

His mom says when he’s not on the road speaking, or typing feverishly at a coffee shop, Jason can usually be found in Austin, Texas eating Tex-Mex with his friends or hanging out with his mentors.

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Jason Ryan Dorsey, The Gen Y Guy™, Bestselling Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Award-Winning Entrepreneur

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Jason working on an archeological dig in Ashkelon, Israel at age 17. The dig was led by Harvard University

Jason was the only youth asked to serve on the Board of Directors of President Clinton’s National Campaign Against Youth Violence!

Jason receives the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Education from Will Wynn, Mayor of Austin, Texas. Jason won this prestigious award at age 25!

Jason signs his newest book after delivering the opening keynote speech at an Executive Summit. The Summit’s focus was how to lead a multigenerational workplace.
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