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“I’ve known Jason for six years. In all six years I’ve seen him help people our age make life-changing decisions for the better. He is a real inspiration for our generation.”

Kenan Thompson, Actor and Comedian, Saturday Night Live and Fat Albert
"Jason Dorsey offers irresistible inspiration for quarterlifers in crisis. His contagious enthusiasm will get you moving in the right direction."

Abby Miller, Co-author, New York Times Bestseller, QuarterLife Crisis
Bounced: My happiness is out of my hands.
Cashed: How I feel about my life is determined by how I choose to live my life.

Tiffany at work in her new job.
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: When was the last time you did something spontaneous that demonstrated the control you have over your life? I challenge you to go to a park and spend an hour people-watching or take a road trip to have dinner in a different city. Do something this week that reinforces how much control you actually have over your happiness, career, and future.

Tiffany Update: Tiffany has a great apartment near the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is currently a commercial loan officer for a fast-growing bank. She has a serious boyfriend and is thrilled to be free of her real world r-u-t.
I don’t know what I want to do with my life.
Cashed: My Future Picture is so enticing, I will do whatever it takes to live it.

Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Find a photo album with pictures from your childhood. Look at the photos and try to remember what you thought you were going to be when you “grew up” back when you were 5 or 10 or 15. Now imagine a picture of your life five years in the future. What do you see? Are you alone in the picture or with other people? Do you see yourself happy? If you haven’t completed your Future Picture (p. 24-29) now is the time to do it. Hang the description of your Future Picture in a place where you will see it every morning.

Josh Update: Josh recently bought a house in a redeveloping area of Atlanta. He loves his job and the challenge of working with very high net worth clients. He moved to Atlanta with few contacts but only four years later has a wonderful girlfriend and a large network of close friends.
Bounced: I’m just not motivated.
Cashed: My passion is my motivation.

Ben keynoting an international conference.

Andi and Jason hanging out in Austin.
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Visit Ben’s website at or his partner website Register for free and add your voice to the global conversation!

Here are some amazing pictures from Global Youth Service Day:



Guinea - Bissau

Ben Update: Ben is still working around the clock trying to make the world a better place. He currently lives in a basement apartment with three roommates in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. He loves extra strong coffee, talking politics with people overseas, and last winter he made a spontaneous road trip through Eastern Europe with three friends.

I don’t see any opportunity to get what I want.
Cashed: Once I believe opportunity is everywhere, it appears!


Alan aka Mr. GloFish
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Using the Six Questions of Opportunity (p. 68), go through the process of assessing a big opportunity you are presently considering. If you decide to pursue the opportunity, take three baby steps forward this week.

In Chapter 4, I promise a list of civic organizations you should consider joining. Click here to see the list.

Denise Update: Denise is now in her third year as a middle school assistant principal. She has almost completed her PhD course work and plans to focus her doctoral thesis on helping minority students make the transition from middle school to high school. She enjoys her job, recently completed a half-marathon, and reports being madly in love with her husband.

Alan Update: Alan’s GloFish business continues to set records. Every month this year has been better than the month before. He feels the future is very bright for his glowing fish. With the success of his business, he is finally taking time for leisure travel and catching up with friends and family. You can read more about his fish at

Bounced: I need to meet and greet as many people as possible to help me reach my Future Picture.
Cashed: I realize that plugging in with quality people makes reaching my Future Picture much easier.

Jerry at the Four Seasons Lobby Lounge
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: I challenge you to make your own business card and buy your own domain name. I then challenge you to give your business card to at least five new contacts this week. You can make your own business cards at your local copy shop or get free ones at and you can buy your domain through a variety of services or at I also HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy of The Little Black Book of Networking by Jeffrey Gitomer—an entertaining read on how to get connected!

Jerry update: Jerry continues his networking adventures. Recently I was having lunch with him when a businessman walked past our table. Jerry quickly stood up and said hello to the man who looked very confused at this unexpected greeting. Jerry then reminded the man how they had met at the Four Seasons Lobby Lounge—two years ago! After shaking off the confusion, the man remembered their original conversation and was profoundly impressed with Jerry’s memory. They then exchanged cards again and the man said he will use Jerry the next time he needs legal help in Austin!

You can check out the Austin Four Seasons (where Jerry hangs out) at

Bounced: I can’t make it because I don’t have the right connections.
Cashed: I can make it because the right connections are right under my nose!

Jimmy at work in a courtroom.
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Using the Thirty Day Mentor Magnet Checklist (p. 106-109), go get your mentor! Each of the steps to getting your mentor is specifically outlined in the Checklist. Once you get your mentor, e-mail me ( the story of how you found them and what you hope to learn from them.

Jimmy Update: Jimmy continues his amazing success as a criminal defense attorney. This year he’s earned several more acquittals at jury trials and was on the team that got the only acquittal in the Enron case. You can contact him at: or Google his name for more current newspaper articles: Jimmy Ardoin, III.

Bounced: My past determines my future.
Cashed: I can put my past to work to create the future I want.

Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Using the steps outlined on pages 129-130, tie up a loose end in your life. Call an old boyfriend or girlfriend who is still upset with you and apologize; call a former business partner or co-worker and make amends; call whoever it is that you know has unresolved issues with you and tie up that loose end. When you tie up your loose ends from the past you free your mind to focus on the future!

Lindsay Update: Lindsay graduated from law school in 2006 and passed the Texas Bar Exam on her first try. She is now an associate attorney at a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property litigation. She still runs regularly with a running group and speaks publicly about sexual assault recovery. If you want more information on sexual assault she recommends visiting

Bounced: I would like to succeed, but…
Cashed: I will succeed—
no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Sean Stephenson looking dapper as always.
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Find a friend you regularly hang out with, who you believe is holding themselves back by making excuses. Ask them to be your partner in a challenge. The way the challenge works is that you both commit to not using a specific excuse for a certain period of time. If one of you catches the other using that excuse, they must pay some type of penalty, such as washing the other person’s car, or doing their laundry. This challenge is a great way to help yourself (and a friend) let go of your excuses.

Sean Update: Sean is working hard to complete his PhD, while maintaining a busy speaking schedule at colleges, corporations, and community events. He recently held his first public seminar and is working on a new book. You can contact him at If you are interested in learning more about Osteogenesis Imperfecta, he recommends visiting

Bounced: My fears keep me on a path that is not completely satisfying.
Cashed: I feel the fear, but I’ll do it anyway.

Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Identify a fear that keeps you from living with more courage, happiness and purpose. Create your own Reality Check Challenge where you confront this fear. Start with a small challenge and keep taking on bigger challenges until you are no longer afraid! Then e-mail me how you conquered your fear at

Stephen Update: Stephen recently married his best friend in a beautiful ceremony that I was lucky enough to attend. His portable storage business is booming, and he and his partner, Bryan, keep earning public recognition for the success. You can read more about Stephen’s business at

MRCB Bonus: Stephen said the following five books have played a critical role in his success: The Bible; The Alchemist; Mastering the Rockefeller Habits; Getting things Done; E-Myth Mastery

Bounced: Being extremely busy means I’m a success.
Cashed: Success is having the time to do what makes me feel most alive.

Sara at work in Florida. 
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Using the Half Hour to Full Power strategy (p.186-187), set aside thirty minutes a day to focus on achieving your most fulfilling goals. Take this time to read a book, or exercise, or research possible opportunities. Make this regular “me time” a catalyst to living with more balance, purpose, and peace.

Sara Update (in her own words): “I absolutely love teaching. I now teach at three schools as their Spanish teacher. I have quite a little Spanish teaching monopoly going on around town. I love love, Florida. I spend as much time at the beach as possible!”

Bounced: Ethics are nice in theory but not realistic if I want to get ahead in the real world.
Cashed: I should do what’s right, even if that’s the only reward.
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Help a friend facing a tough ethical choice to make the wisest decision. Talk them through the possible outcomes and scenarios. Build their confidence and desire to make the right ethical choice, even if it is not the easiest.

Blake Update:
Blake has made the most of his experience by becoming a resource to organizations that attempt to prevent counterfeit IDs. He has started a new technology company and spends lots of time consulting on security issues around the US.
Bounced: There has to be more to life than this.
Cashed: By opening myself up to different possibilities and a more authentic path, I can experience more meaning than I ever dreamed possible.

Anita at work.
She has Jason’s books on her desk!

Joby in front of Ama Dablam in Nepal which he climbed in the world record time of 6 hours round trip from base to summit and back down.
Bonus Reality Check Challenge: Take a big step towards living your Future Picture. Sign up to run a half-marathon, enroll in an entrepreneurship course, sign up for the GMAT, join toastmasters, sing up for a singles group, or volunteer to be a mentor. Boldly step towards the future you want and you will find your dreams are within reach!

Anita Update: Starwood Montessori has continued to grow since I first interviewed Anita. As a testimony to Anita’s her leadership, she was recently featured on the cover of the Dallas Morning News! Anita is now working on new locations and recently got married. She says being married is like getting to have a sleep over party with your best friend every night.

Mysha Update: After working for two years in South Central L.A. through Teach for America, Mysha is now an eighth grade science teacher at the KIPP School in Houston. She loves her new job and plans to stick with education as her career. She says joining Teach for America was one of the most rewarding decisions she’s ever made.

Joby Update: Since my interview with Joby, I learned he has focused on climbing and filming increasingly remote mountains. Last year, in an attempt to climb and film the highest unclimbed peak in the world, Joby was caught in an unbelievable avalanche. He narrowly survived but--true to his character--he recently set another word climbing record! You can read about Joby’s latest adventures on his website:

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